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Deployed soldier surprises son at school

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Five year old Brayden LeMay may look a little bored as Snow Hill Elementary honors local first responders like CPD's hero officer Dennis Pedigo from the July, 16th terror attack.  But little did Brayden know that the function's closing had his name, and his Dad's, written all over it.

"Petty Officer First Class Timothy LeMay, U. S. Navy father of Brayden LeMay, this is Mister LeMay's first day home."

And when Brayden saw his father for the first time in months, nature takes its course to a joyous reunion.

Timothy LeMay, U. S. Navy Petty Officer, "The last two years I got to come home every three of four months and that's as much contact as we've been able to have, it's been hard."

Brayden LeMay, Snow Hill Kindergartner, "My daddy's been gone to Washington state it's like I never saw him come home."

But now that they're back together again, there's plenty to do even if time is short    

Brayden LeMay, Snow Hill Kindergartner, "I'm going to play checkers with my daddy." 
Timothy LeMay, "Yeah, we'll try to do that but we have a birthday party to go to tonight."

Timothy says missing the first day of school, t-ball and everything else that's important in the world of a 5-year old hasn't been easy, but that he's going to make as much of their father and son time together as humanly possible

Brayden LeMay,"Guess what, I can swim underwater at Aunt Louise's house."

Brayden boasts that he is one good checker player.  Dad will find out after that birthday party for a cousin..
Petty Officer LeMay hopes to conclude his part-time parenting in two years, when his tour is complete.

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