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Crime Stoppers: Trio robs restaurant manager at gunpoint

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In Crime Stoppers, this week, police are looking for three criminals who staged a terrifying armed hold up at a Shallowford Road restaurant.

Saturday night, just before 10:00, the trio barged through the back door to the Firebox Grill, near the I-75 interchange. All were wearing black clothing, and all were armed with handguns.

Surveillance photos show one grab the manager and hold a gun to his neck. They emptied the cash drawers and fled. The crooks were well covered, but are said to be black males, all around 6-feet tall.

Chattanooga Police Officer Mark Frazer says, with this level of violence, these three need to be caught before someone gets hurt. "The pictures aren't good," he explained, but here's the deal: these people brag about what they do. They don't go and commit these crimes quietly and then, sneak off into the night. Somebody out there knows who did this and they told somebody about it. Somebody knew maybe the planning of this robbery. Earn yourself some money. Give me a call. Let me know what you know. Help us make our community better."

Up to a $1,000 is available for the right piece of information and these three will never know you turned them in, unless you tell them. Call tonight: 698-3333

If you leave a message, let Officer Frazer know how he can get back in touch with you. He may have a few more questions, but he will never ask for your name.

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