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Cell tower worker who spotted missing kids & called 911 speaks to Channel 3

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"That was one of the guys up there, he's the one who found them down there, I just called the police," says a humble Corey Fitzpatrick after the Wednesday morning discovery of Hannah and Gideon Musgrave, the 7 and 4 year olds who were missing from their Mowbray Mountain home.

It took us a few hours to find Corey Fitzpatrick and his crew who are installing new equipment on the cell phone tower atop Mowbray Mountain.
Fitzpatrick says they were alerted to the search by a Soddy Daisy Police Officer earlier in the morning, on their way to the job site.

"We had heard of it this morning and we're just glad that they're home safe." 

Fitzpatrick is the man Hamilton County authorities credit for tipping them off to Hannah and Gideon Musgrave's location, nearly a dozen hours after the search for the two children began.

"I mean we didn't do anything," says Fitzpatrick. "The dog led them out of the woods, that guy up there heard the dog and came down to talk to them and then we called the police," says Fitzpatrick matter of factly.

Fitzpatrick says the children said very little about their overnight ordeal in the woods.
"They just said they were chasing their dog last night."
 If Corey and his co-workers seem like reluctant heroes, they are. He says he doesn't want to take any of the credit at the expense of Hamilton County's rescue and search teams. 

"We heard the dog or whatever barking and, or Eric did, and heard the kids down there I guess and started walking down there and found them."
Fitzpatrick identifies Eric Elliott as the man who initially spotted the Musgrave children.
Elliott and fellow crew members Trent LaRue and Jerry Bowman were working atop the cell tower and were unavailable for comment.

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