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Car holding up part of Rossville church

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A North Georgia congregation is leaning on faith while part of its building is leaning on a car. A church member accidentally hit the gas crashing into a brick pillar, causing part of the building to collapse. 

"You can't help but see this and imagine every scenario that could have happened," Reverend Ginger Isom.

For the past three weeks, part of McFarland United Methodist Church has been held up by a gray Honda Accord.
"Her knee, it just locked up on her. And so she could not go from the gas pedal to the brake pedal," says Isom.

Reverend Isom says she was getting ready for Sunday service when a church member ran inside exclaiming a car had just plowed into the building.
"This gentleman had just gone back into the church so he just missed being on the sidewalk," says Isom.

Behind the wheel of the car was Miss Myna Castings. Fellow church members managed to pull her from the car, seconds before a concrete beam split in two and came crashing down.
"There could have been somebody on the sidewalk. She could have not gotten out of the car before the beams fell. It could have gone on in to the sanctuary, because that's the sanctuary on the other side of the beams."

Channel 3 spoke to Myna by phone and she is doing just fine. She says the accident is all a blur.
"She's a precious, precious lady," says Isom.

Reverend Isom says she is a dedicated church member and it is nothing short of a miracle that Myna, and her pretty hair, came away from the accident without a scratch.
"I don't think she had a speck of dust on her when I saw her. Her hair was still perfectly in place, you know. She looked as pretty as ever!"

Isom says buildings can be replaced. People can not.
"She was here Sunday, of course, and I just put my arm around her and she said, 'Every time I look at that it just shakes me.'"

She says the accident may have shaken the foundation of the church building but not the steadfast faith of the congregation.
"We definitely know God was present with us that Sunday."

The morning of the accident turned into a time of thanks.
"It just snowballed and we had about 30 minutes of testimony time. And so a wonderful worship of people recognizing that even when bad things happen, God is there," says Isom.

The church's insurance is covering the $50,000 worth of repairs. It has had structural engineers examine the damage and they will be able to push the concrete beam back up into place. The work will begin in the coming weeks.

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