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Chattanooga's Fallen Five added to Global War on Terror Wall

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In a small ceremony, the American Veterans of Tennessee unveiled the names of the five servicemen killed in the July 16th shooting. Their names are now on the Global War on Terror Wall.  

“It’s the remembrance and it's the stories. It’s being able to hear the story of every individual on the wall,” said Richard Nichols, Organizer, Rear Area Support Foundation. 

The wall is 100 feet long and six feet tall. It serves as a place where people can come to reflect and learn about major terror events.  

 “That’s my life goal, when that's done I will be happy. But until then I have a lot of traveling to do,” said Nichols.

Richard Nichols helped construct the wall that now has our five servicemen names added to it. He says the wall has been to many places. The fallen five names now unveiled, more will be able to learn about their sacrifice.

“We’ve taken this memorial to 35 different states, 56 stops, and we've traveled over 80,000 miles around the United States,” said Nichols.

Nichols encourages everyone to come out and look at the memorial.

“This is probably the only time in the next eight years that this memorial will be here,” said Nichols.

The wall will be stationed at the Chattanooga Convention Center until 3 pm Sunday. After Chattanooga it heads up to Evansville, Indiana. To find out more about the walls history visit

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