The Red Bank Blue Lion Marching Band is performing a half-time show that a number of generations will be singing along to. The music comes from the motion picture Back to the Future. Why, you mask. Director Marcie Smith explains, in the movie sequel, the future they go back to is the year 2015  The songs come from the original score by Alan Silvestri, and also include Johnny B Goode, Earth Angel, and The Power of Love.

The band numbers 56 with 12 seniors, this season. Smith says band camp was very hot, but great...and they suffered no casualties! They look forward to competing and having a great year. If you would like to support the Red Bank Band, check with the band room for details on fundraisers. If you would like to help out on the weekends, band members are manning car wash stations at the Signal Mountain Road Raceway gas station every Saturday. Drop by and let them make your car shine.

Thanks to Marcie Smith and the Red Bank High School Band, our Friday Night Football Week 1 Band of the Week!