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New Orleans family remembers home ten years later

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Ten years ago Cherita and Michael Adams fled to Chattanooga before Katrina hit.  About a month after the hurricane hit, they returned to see what was left of their home and community.

“It was so much chaos, things were just tossed back and forth ruined,” said Cherita Adams, owner, Blue Orleans.

Nine feet of water washed away the majority of their belongings, but there were two treasured items the Adams were able to salvage.

“My wedding gown and an autograph poster from the Neville brothers,” said Adams.

A decade has passed, they chose to stay in Chattanooga, but they hold tight to the New Orleans way of life. The two had never owned a restaurant before, Blue Orleans on Market Street was born after a Chattanooga friend tried some of Michael’s crawfish pasta.

“He said this is fantastic! You all need to do something with it,” said Adams.

Their restaurant has been well received by Chattanooga.

“They say New Orleans loss, Chattanooga’s gain. We are glad you all are here,” said Adams.

It’s the perfect place for the Adams to share their story, their food, and their culture, all while remembering a community that they once called home. 

“Come have a great conversation, and hopefully it will help your heart to heal in some small way,” said Adams. 
Cherita Adams says her mother’s favorite color is blue and that's why they named their restaurant Blue Orleans. Cherita says most of her family still resides in New Orleans.

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