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Signal Mountain Town Council considering to allow quarter-acre plots of land

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Town Council members are hearing concerns over potential changes to Signal Mountain's zoning ordinance.

A proposed amendment to the ordinance would allow some property owners to subdivide their land into lots as small as a quarter of an acre, allowing for more development on Signal Mountain. 
Past proposals led to the recall of a part of the council in 2006.

Town Council members say this new amendment is much more strict on which property owners can divide up their land and believe it will affect less than 20 lots in total.
But some residents are still concerned saying it could lead to much more development on the mountain in the future.

"It will then add more people, more schools, more traffic, you know we've already got sewer problems and stuff," said resident Claire Griesinger.

Council member Chris Howley said he's still not sure what way he'll vote -- but in the first reading he voted in favor of the amendment. 
He's hoping for more discussions with the community before scheduling another vote.

"I think it's important we get out to the community and let them know and educate them as best as possible because I think there was a lot of mis-information out there," Howley said.

The meeting ended with an agreement to schedule an open house so anyone with questions can get clarification.
The open house will have maps that show which properties would be eligible for making quarter-acre plots.
That date has not been scheduled yet -- when it is, we'll let you know.

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