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UPDATE: Bradley County Fire Dept. re-assigns EMS director

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Troy Maney Troy Maney

UPDATE: The Bradely County Fire Department has shuffled the department's leadership after a former Director of Bradley County Emergency Services Troy Maney surrendered multiple certifications for firefighting, hazard materials and training in 2015.

Replacing Maney will be Shawn Fairbanks as the new Director of Bradley County Emergency Services. 

Maney will be reassigned as Bradley County Fire Operations Chief and continue to be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Fire Department. 

Fairbanks will ultimately be responsible for and have the final say on all financial and personnel decisions for the Fire Department, according to a news release.

PREVIOUS STORY: The state’s commission on Firefighting Personnel Standards and Education will hold a formal hearing to revoke certification for a Bradley County Fire and Rescue’s chief.

A captain and two battalion commanders submitted a complaint to the commission in April saying they suspected Rescue and Special Operations Chief Troy Maney was certified under false qualifications.

The complaint alleges that on April 7, Maney was expected to take a test in LaVergne for his fire Instructor 1 certification.  

“It was not physically possible for this to happen due to the fact that he was the fill in battalion chief that day and in Bradley County Sheriff’s Department in-service with approximately 45 other deputies,” according to the complaint.

Instead, Battalion Commander Ronnie Goss, reportedly took the exam for Maney and submitted it to the commission, according to a memo issued this week.

The complaint calls into question all of Maney’s certifications.  No one on the training staff has signed off or witnessed Maney completing any practical testing or certifications, according to the complaint.

The commission conducted an investigation into the allegations. Maney and Goss refused to speak to investigators. They have both sought legal advice, according to the memo.

Kevin Walters, director of communications for the Department of Commerce and Insurance, said the state does not require firefighters or departments to be certified.  Certifications are not the same as minimum training standards, which are required.

There are 30 different certifications classification classes that can be issued by the commission.

“Many Tennessee fire departments don’t recognize or participate in firefighter certification. Fewer than half of the counties across the state are exempt from the minimum training standards, but many of them voluntarily participate in the certification process,” Walters said in an emailed statement.

If the commission chooses to strip Maney of certifications after a formal hearing in the fall, he could still continue to work as a firefighter.

Channel 3 reached out to Mayor Gary Davis’ office for comment.

In an issued statement, the mayor said he will base employment decisions on the outcome of the hearing.

A date for the hearing has not been set. 

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