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Community gathers to pay respect to TV crew shot during live broadcast

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As the memorial grows outside Roanoke's WDBJ-TV.

"I don't think there's anybody in this community for which this is not personal anymore."
So does the outrage over what happened Wednesday morning.

Andy Parker, Alison Parker's dad, "My grief which is apparent and will be for a while, it's turned to anger."  

The father of reporter Alison Parker still grieving but gearing up for a battle over Americans access to guns.

Andy Parker, Alison Parker's dad, "I'm relentless and I'm not going to stop until something happens."

On Wednesday, Alison and cameraman Adam Ward were in the middle of a morning live shot when former reporter Vester Flanagan showed up and opened fire.

The general manager of the station says Flanagan was hired after getting positive references and was fired for performance issues. When he was escorted from the building, Flanagan had some ominous words for his boss.

Jeff Marks, WDBJ General Manager, "He handed a wooden cross to to the news director who at that time was Dan Dennison and he said, you'll need this."

Police found Flanagan had two Glock 9 millimeter pistols with six magazines, 3 license plates and a wig, a possible clue that he was trying to escape.

Mike Herring, Virginia Attorney General ,"Every single day it seems like there's another story and its so easy when you look at the statistics to lose sight of the fact that these are real people and families are grieving and it has to stop."

As a community grieves, the news team at WDBJ continues to cover a crime that has affected them in a very painful and personal way.

There was some positive news Thursday, the Chamber of Commerce leader who was injured, Vicki Gardner, has been upgraded to good condition. She is the sole survivor of the shootings. 

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