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Tonya Craft talks about her tell-all book, "Accused"

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Five years ago, the trial of a north Georgia teacher charged with child molestation captured the attention of viewers locally, and across the nation. 

When the jury acquitted Tonya Craft on all counts, it launched her into a new career, hoping to defend those who are falsely accused.  

“Accused,” her new tell-all book documents the allegations she faced, her arrest, and her acquittal. 

“It was something that when I look back at now and I read it it's like I'm reading someone else's story,” she said. “It's like, there's no way I could have gone through that.”

She says the book may surprise some. She said, “When my dad read it, I asked him what meant the most to him, what stood out. He said he really didn't realize what I went through.”

It's no surprise Craft wrote about everyone from the judge to the prosecutors, the investigators to her accusers. She doesn't hold back,
only omitting the names of the children involved. 

She said, “None of the point of the book was to put anybody in a bad light, but I didn’t put anyone in a bad light, they put their self there.”

At the time of the verdict, the prosecution called Craft's acquittal "disappointing," blaming the media for the outcome despite the jury being sequestered. They wouldn't comment then, and they have no comment now. 

Five years later, District Attorney Herbert “Buzz” Franklin hasn't returned Channel 3's multiple calls on Craft's case or most other cases.

But the jury of 12 that found Craft not guilty hasn't been shy. Craft writes of her meetings with the foreman and others who agree she was falsely accused. She said, “I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for me and for my children and my family.”

Craft says the book is her chance to say thank you to the twelve jurors, and share with the world what went through her mind when she says they saw truth.

She will sign copies of her book on September 5, at Barnes and Noble at Hamilton Place mall in Chattanooga.

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