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DASH CAM: Thieves caught with trash bags full of stolen name-brand clothes

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Two men accused of stealing trash bags full of Ralph Lauren clothing from Nashville were arrested in North Georgia on Tuesday night.

Police say the thieves got away from one store with up to $10,000 worth of stolen merchandise. They were caught 155 miles away, during a traffic stop on I-75 in Tunnel Hill.

The driver admitted to stealing.

"When you find that much clothing, you know something has to be going on," said Tunnel Hill Police Lt. Scott Reneau. "You don't go shopping and buy that much, and you usually don't put it in garbage bags when you buy it," 

Reneau says drug busts happen all the time on I-75, but this traffic stop was a first for him.

"One of the bags actually started to break as I was lifting it up to try and get it out of the car," he explained.

Inside the car driven by Mario Noel and Dwight Gomas were two heaping trash bags, full of the same Ralph Lauren Polo name-brand clothing -- with price tags and anti-theft devices still attached.

Reneau says those were red flags, even though the pair gave permission to search the car.

"The anti-theft devices had been covered up by aluminum foil, which is a sure sign that they were stolen," he said.

The piles of stolen merchandise included hats and $100 shirts.

Noel and Gomas were heading south from Nashville, where Reneau said they admitted to stealing from the Polo store at Opry Mills Outlet Mall.

Noel was even wearing the Polo brand in his booking photo.

"The driver seemed legitimately like he hated what he had done and got caught," Reneau said.

How the two got out of the store with so much stolen merchandise is still unclear, but Reneau is sure that the traffic stop kept the pair from bankrolling on the stealing spree.

"If you steal one or two items, more than likely that's for you to use. But when it's stuff between 5 and 10 thousand dollars, you're gonna try and set up shop someplace and try and make money off it," he said.

Both Noel and Gomas are facing multiple theft charges. They are being held without bond in the Whitfield County Jail.

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