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UPDATE: Volunteers step in to repair disabled veteran's broken fence

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Some hard work by volunteers Thursday shows the progress made in cleaning and repairing Chandler's fence. Some hard work by volunteers Thursday shows the progress made in cleaning and repairing Chandler's fence.
Chandler and his fence Wednesday afternoon. WRCBtv.com photo Chandler and his fence Wednesday afternoon. WRCBtv.com photo

UPDATE: Steven Chandler won't have to worry about his dogs, Solice and Bruno, escaping his fence any more.

“I never conceived that there would be this outpouring of help,” said Steven Chandler, disabled Veteran.

The overgrown grass won't be a problem either. Complete strangers arrived Thursday to remedy the issues Channel 3 first reported on Wednesday. Chandler was at risk of citation if he couldn't find a way to keep them fenced.  

“So we've brought about 5 or 6 guys over here today. We’ve been working in the backyard cleaning up the fence line,” said Michael Choate, estimator, PCR Tree Service.

Workers with PCR Tree Service and Good Life Services teamed up to cut the high grass, and patch the hole in Steven’s fence.

The workers volunteers says helping Stevens, a Vietnam vet, is their duty. 

“It’s our obligation to help anyone that's in need,” said Tom Benson, co-owner, Good Life Services.

Chandler says he used to mow his grass twice a week, but when his health took a downturn he wasn't able to anymore.  He says he's thankful for all the help.

“I would like to thank all of the people for the outpouring of help. Just since yesterday at 5:30 PM,” said Chandler.

American Legion Post 95 helped coordinate volunteers. The Humane Educational Society visited Chandler Thursday and told him they would only seize his animals if they were a danger to the public.  They say his animals aren't a danger and he would only be cited if they weren't vaccinated. 
He says they are sending a vet to his home in a few days to vaccinate his dogs. 

UPDATE: The Humane Educational Society visited Chandler Thursday afternoon and told him they could only seize the animals if there were a danger to the public, which the dogs are not.

He would only be cited if they were not vaccinated. 

But because of the work being done to improve the fencing for pets' safety, HES has offered to bring a veterinarian to Chandler’s home to have his dogs properly vaccinated and accommodate Chandler’s disability.

Volunteers have also stepped up to repair Chandler’s air conditioning and propane heater.

Bright and early Thursday morning after the Channel 3 story about Steven Chandler's broken fence aired, volunteers from PCR Tree Service and Good life Services swooped in to help the disabled vet.

The fence repairs will help Chandler keep his two dogs safe from escaping into the neighborhood.

PREVIOUS STORY: A local Vietnam veteran who is disabled says he could lose his two dogs if he's unable to make immediate repairs to his fence.  

The 70-year-old veteran tells Channel 3, his Labrador Retriever and Pit Bull mix, keep him company. They help ease his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, he developed overseas in combat.

Neighbors of Steven Chandler contacted Channel 3's "3 On Your Side" for help. They're in a race against time to find a solution before this Friday. Chandler says he would be devastated if he lost his dogs. 

 "I mean you can go out and get another one but it's not the same," said Steven Chandler. "You know you can't replace them."

Chandler admits his backyard is a total mess and his two best friends, "Solice and Bruno " don't stay inside. Animal control officers in Hamilton County say they will start writing citations if he doesn't have them contained and in compliance with the law by Friday.

"If I can't do something about them, they're going to come get them that's the bottom line," said Chandler. "They're going to come take them and I don't want to lose my pets." 

Chandler says he mowed the grass twice a week until his health took a downturn. Among other illnesses, he lost his hearing back in 2010. He is unable to do the physical labor. 

"It can't be worked on because of all of the brush, the yard is just so high up and it needs weed eating," said Chandler. "Lord knows I can't possibly afford it... no way I can afford it."

The problem is his two best buddies get loose every time they're let out. 

"They don't like my dogs messing up their yard to put it politely," said Chandler. 

Chandler says Solice and Bruno are no angels and they're not just man's best friend, they're family 

 "I've lost 3 close friends in the last 9 months... just having them around to pet and talk to has helped me out a lot," said Chandler. 

Neighbor Joni Webb is trying her best to find some help.. 

"They mean everything to him, they are all he has ," said neighbor Joni Webb. "If he didn't have the dogs, he wouldn't have anybody. He needs help he's a Vietnam veteran with agent orange, he has numerous health illnesses, fixed income and financially speaking he can't do this."

The Hamilton Humane Education Society says the dogs are not in compliance with the law, being up to date on their shots. They say there have been numerous complaints about the dogs running at large throughout the neighborhood over a long period of time.

Some neighbors told HES that the dogs were acting aggressive, however no dog-biting incidents have been reported. Chandler will be cited if his dogs are not vaccinated by Friday. If the dogs can not be contained and are considered to be a danger to the public, they can be seized.

The American Legion Post 95 in East Ridge is also trying to find ways to help Chandler. If you know of ways to help contact David Brewer by email at : Dbbrewer01@epbfi.com

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