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Family waits as wheels of justice turn

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UPDATE: The medical examiner's report brings new information about a gang related shooting, where Fredrick "Jordan" Clark, 20, was found dead in the middle of Willow Street.

The autopsy shows Jordan Clark was shot multiple times in the back and leg. 

The shooter, 20-year old Christopher Walton was arrested and charged with first degree murder shortly after the shooting.

His next court date is September 22nd. 

HOW TO HELP | Clark's funeral expenses GoFundMe website

PREVIOUS STORY: Two mothers who lost their sons to gun violence met face-to-face in court Tuesday. 

Though, each is faced with a very different kind of loss. 

A  makeshift memorial along Willow Street marks the place where Frederick ‘Jordan’ Clark,20, took his final breath one week ago. 

“I’m still expecting him to call me just to say, ‘Mama, I love you,’” Satedra Smith said. 

For Smith, the last week has been filled with a number of emotions as she grieves the loss of her son and pushes for justice. 

The case against Clark’s accused killer took a step forward Tuesday when Christopher Walton, 20, appeared before a judge for the first time. 

It would also be the first time for Smith to see the man charged with murdering her son. 

“I didn’t know how I would react, but I guess there’s nothing you can really do,” she added. 

Even though the case was pushed to a future date, an unexpected yet powerful moment took place in the courtroom when the accused shooter’s mother introduced herself. 

Two mothers, in very different situations, shared an emotional exchange. Each faced with a loss. 

“It was very, it was big. It was very courageous of her and I said thank you,” she said. 

As Smith waits for the next court date, her focus now turns to burying her son. A task she never imagined having to do and is even harder because she lives in Atlanta. 

“[Usually] I’ll be able to maybe do a hair show or beautify some people because that’s just what I do but I had to push all of that back and I don’t like to disappoint people,” she added. 

Often times, victim’s families find themselves in similar situations as they deal with the wheels of justice. 

“To know that there are so many families that are like this, it’s just heartbreaking to me.”

Christopher Walton’s next court date is on September 22nd. Channel 3 reached out to his family, they declined to go on camera under their lawyer’s recommendation. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A memorial has been started at the site of the shooting by Clark's mother and family. Clark's mother, Satedra Smith, calls the death of her son a "senseless killing."

"We're going to always remember him by his smile, by his "momma I love you," Smith said, "By his height, you know he was my tall protector, my weeping willow."

Frederick Jordan Clark was standing tall at 6-foot-5, and his mother says she was always looking up to him.

Satedra Smith started a memorial where her son was shot and killed and saw the bullet holes in the fence behind them.
Clark's family and friends called him Jordan, or Darc, and he's the latest person murdered by a gang member in Chattanooga. 

"His life mattered to me," his mother said, "His life mattered to his sisters and brothers and to his two fathers, it mattered to them."

So far this year there have been 89 shootings in Chattanooga and 53 of them are gang or group-related.
Clark's death is the 18th homicide this year.

Clark's mother is from Atlanta, and says she's not leaving Chattanooga until she sees her son's death has made a difference.

"Frederick Clark will never be forgotten in this community because I'm going to make sure that it doesn't," Smith said.

Shortly after the shooting, police say several witnesses identified the suspect's vehicle--which was spotted speeding toward the Brainerd area after the shooting.

"The key piece came from a completely anonymous caller who gave us a description of the suspect's vehicle in a very specific manner in a very specific location," said Police Chief Fred Fletcher.

Chief Fletcher credits a stronger relationship with the community in the arrest of 20-year old Christopher Walton. Because of that, police caught the suspect that same night.

"You saw the aggressive response this community had when somebody attacked our city six weeks ago," Fletcher said, "That's the same sort of response we're going to have to our group and gang members who threaten our streets, our neighborhoods, and our homes."

According to the police report, Walton smelled like bleach during questioning. He told police he had just done laundry.
Police believe the gang or groups responsible for Clark's death are also responsible for other shootings and assaults in the area.

"Let me be very, very clear. I am sick of this violence," Fletcher said, "The community is sick of this violence and the police department is sick of this violence."

CPD says they know which groups are involved, and with their "zero-tolerance" policy, will go after them for smaller crimes and even code violations if they have to.

"There will be other arrests," Fletcher said, "Like I said we are going to focus on the groups and individuals who are associated with and involved with this, and if they condoned it, if they encouraged it, they participated in it, they will be a focus of our enforcement actions."

Chattanooga Police want to see more arrests in gang-related shootings and are asking for the community's help. 

Chief Fletcher says anyone who sees violence on the streets or has any information about the recent shootings, to report it.   

People can stay anonymous.

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga police have arrested a suspect in the fatal shooting on Willow Street.

Christopher Walton, 20, has been charged with 1st degree murder, reckless endangerment and two counts of aggravated assault.

Twenty-year-old Frederick Jordan Clark was shot, and died at the scene. Another man, Verandus Adair, 37 was wounded in the shooting and was treated by emergency personnel at the scene.

Police say that several witnesses identified the suspect's vehicle, which was spotted a short time after the shooting driving at a high rate of speed through toward the Brainerd area.

PREVIOUS STORY: One person is dead following a shooting Tuesday evening. 

It happened around 8:15 at the 800 block of Willow Street. 

That's where police found a male shot to death lying in the street. 

Chattanooga Police are still notifying family and have not released the name or age of the person at this time. 

"This is a senseless shooting as all shootings are, they put people in danger and put the community in danger. We're determined to actively seek the people who are responsible and any help would be appreciated," Assistant Chief Eric Tucker said. 

Chattanooga Police ask anyone with information to call 423-698-2525. 

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