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Public gets peek at Miller Park District renovations

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Designers asked and Chattanoogans responded with ideas of how they would like to see Miller Park improved. 

“An easy place to go where people can have a meeting,” project leader Collette Creppell said, “an extension of our coffee houses, people are craving more excuses to be downtown.”

The public got a peek at how designers plan to use those ideas during a forum Thursday. 

Creppell says the public’s input helped create the design frame. 

“[We asked] about what they want to do in the time they are not at home and not at work. So the idea of what they do when they come together in public space,” she added. 

Lighting, technology and art are all big components of what the public told designers they want to see when the transformation is complete. 

Crepell says the park will also play a big green role from materials down to the under park. 

“It’s going to be an active participant in terms of storm water retention and that’s going to be an important thing,” she said. 

But another concern comes to mind when plans were announced to turn this area into an innovation district: public access. 

“Protest marches to workshops have been organized there. We want to make sure that the public use, especially the civic use remains,” Michael Gilliland with the Coalition to Keep Miller Park Public said. 

The group also wants to make sure the new changes coming in won’t force the homeless out. 

“We want to make sure that the park stays inclusive for all residents whether they have a home, whether they have money or places to go. We want to make sure it stays warm and inviting to them,” he added. 

Designers will reveal the renderings of the Miller Park District on October 22nd. 

Phase 1 of construction is set for June 2016. 

The City of Chattanooga is holding a special forum Thursday for the emerging Innovation District.

According to the press release the forum is to review and give feedback on the community's visions for a new public space network. 

The new Miller Park District will unify Miller Park, Miller Plaza, Patten Parkway, and ML King Blvd., to boost inclusive use, and enhance the value of the historic area. 

MAP LINK | The Camp House 

The city of Chattanooga and the design team have been using surveys, in-person interviews, and meeting with nearby residents, businesses, organizations, and park users to inform the future use and vision.

Through these workshops people have also shared their ideas for downtown Chattanooga's new park network, which is in the heart of the city and the Innovation District. 

Thursday's forum will allow the public to review community input and wish lists for the spaces as well as preliminary designs and programming suggestions.

The design team will also be requesting additional feedback and answering questions.  


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