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Nashville author speaks at Chattanooga Tea Party event

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The Chattanooga Tea Party hosted an event Monday where Nashville author Dr. Bill Warner gave his opinion on what happened leading up to the attack on Chattanooga on July 16th. 

Five servicemen died after a lone gunman stormed the Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center on Amnicola Highway. Minutes prior, he had sprayed bullets into the recruiting center on Lee Highway. 

Warner spoke before his biggest crowd in the three time’s he’s made the trip from Nashville to Chattanooga.

People packed the auditorium to hear Warner and his views on Islam. 

“A Muslim obeys Islam. I discuss Islam, I don’t discuss Muslims. But I will show that the doctrine which could motivate [the gunman] exists,” Warner said. 

Warner has a PhD. In Physics and Math and is a self-proclaimed expert in Islamic writings. 

Warner’s main message is geared toward Christians. 

“I say that it’s time that the churches start speaking to this issue. Sixty million Christians have suffered under this and we need to start paying attention to what’s happening to Christians in the Middle East and Christians in Africa because it’s tragic,” he added. 

But for some, Warner’s credibility comes as a red flag. 

Something Bassem Issa, President of the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga, pointed out in front of the crowd. 

“He’s on a mission to spread hate and he came to the wrong city. We are Chattanooga strong and we’re a city that’s trying to heal together,” Issa said. 

During a question and answer session, the crowd corrected Warner on his definition of a “jihadist.” A term Warner was trying to link to the Chattanooga shooter. 

“This killer, that did what he did a month ago, he was against that. He was against the Koran, therefore he was not following Islam,” Issa added. 

Channel 3 attempted to get the public’s perspective on what they took away from Monday night’s event, but everyone we asked declined to go on camera. 

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