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Grassroots group shows up with items for homeless

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“I got a couple of shirts, some snacks, socks,” said Devin West.

Simple items most take for granted, but they are things Devin West didn't have. This is the third day of giving in Miller Park. It’s an opportunity for a group, created on Facebook, to make a difference in the lives of those who spend most of their time here.

”I do this because I’m a human being. We are all connected,” said Tracy Busbee, Organizer.

But the homeless who gather in Miller Park worry future changes may mean the end to days like this.

“When they make all the changes going on, it's going to take away all of this,” said West.

City leaders are discussing a 3million dollar upgrade to the park. Another public forum is slated for this week. 

“If we can take out all the hidden space in Miller Park and visually connect it to Miller Plaza it will be a great wide open space," said Kim White, President, River City Company.

West says Miller Park serves as a safe place for Chattanooga’s homeless. He thinks the project will force them out. 

“You can't just go sit on a street corner somewhere. There is only so many places where you can go sit and here it's a little bit of a refuge,” said West.

When Channel 3 last spoke with Kim White, who is leading the city center plan, she told Channel 3 she understands those concerns, but believes in the end, the park will be able to serve everyone.

“We really want to make this an area, where the whole community can come together,” said White.

Day of giving plans to continue its mission despite how the park changes, city leaders say they want your input. A workshop will take place at the Camp House on MLK Thursday at 5 PM. The Miller Park project is slated to be finished in 2016.

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