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Ceiling collapse leaves tenant with unanswered concerns

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A woman living in low income housing says her entire ceiling collapsed following this week's heavy rainfall. Luckily 68-year old Mary Smith wasn't inside at the time, but most of what she owns is gone. 

Her daughter says it's the latest in a long list of maintenance issues, that continue to go unaddressed.
"My mom's displaced, they've not let me know if they're going to put her up until this is done, nothing," said her daughter Wendy Bruce.

Wendy got a call from her mother saying she couldn't get into her apartment because the ceiling collapsed. 

She went to see for herself what's left of her mother's apartment.

"I was nauseous," Wendy said, "And so thankful that my mom wasn't at home, because she would have been hurt and she's 68."

Wendy's mother has lived at Catoosa Gardens for the past four years. She says she's had problems with the facility responding to maintenance concerns in the past but nothing as dangerous as this.

"Everything in the living room, the dust from all the insulation is covered everywhere," Wendy said.

The biggest frustration for Wendy -- is not being able to get answers from management.

"I want to take sure my mom is going to be safe. You know these things are supposed to be inspected, they're supposed to be kept up," She said.

That's why she contacted Channel 3 for help. We reached out to Catoosa Gardens. Local management referred us to their headquarters in South Georgia.
Those calls have not been returned.

While the facility isn't answering questions about maintenance reports, they say Wendy's mom won't be without a home long. 

We got ahold of local management who says, "Yes they are aware of this problem" and they are "taking care of it." We asked how long will Wendy's mother be without a home, and management said maybe a couple of days.

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