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Drunk driver convicted in vehicular homicide case keeps getting arrested

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A convicted drunk driver who hit and killed a man in Hamilton County is out of jail and racking up more charges as a free man.

Tyler Frizzell, 29, was sentenced to eight years in prison for the 2007 death of 72-year-old Robert Frizzell. The two are not related.

Tyler only served a portion of that sentence and has only been getting into more trouble since leaving prison. Robert Frizzell's family wants him put away before hurting anyone else.

"Being in prison hasn't done anything for him because he's still in-and-out of trouble this whole time he's been out," said Tom Frizzell, Robert's son.

Channel 3 found that Tyler Frizzell has been arrested four different times since March and police have cited or arrested him nine times since he left prison last year.

Authorities have busted him for drugs and driving-related charges, claiming to have caught him driving with marijuana, pills, and syringes.

In March, Frizzell admitted to deputies during a traffic stop that he was "high on drugs" and that he had "thrown something out of the car window." Deputies found a syringe on the road and more in the car.

Frizzell keeps bonding out of jail and getting back on the road.

Below are Frizzell's run-ins with the law since leaving prison. (Bold represents arrests).

  • 5/26/14: Possession of drug paraphernalia (citation)
  • 3/02/15: Possession of drug paraphernalia/Tampering with or fabricating evidence (arrest)
  • 3/25/15: Driving on a revoked, suspended or canceled license (arrest)
  • 4/11/15: Theft of property (under $500)
  • 5/18/15: Failure to appear
  • 6/93/15: Seat belt law violation (citation)
  • 6/15/15: Possession of controlled substance/ Possession of drug paraphernalia (arrest)
  • 7/31/15: Possession of controlled substance/ Speeding 61 in a 55 (citation)
  • 8/06/15: Failure to appear (arrest)

"Often times we see people out of prison and back here committing new offenses," said District Attorney General Neal Pinkston.

Pinkston says a judge will take into account Frizzell's criminal past when he appears in court next Thursday. But all these new charges are misdemeanors and the most he'll serve is 11 months, 29 days in jail.

"The judges don't particularly like light sentencing, we don't either; however, we have to abide by the law just like everybody else," he said. "If people want law and order and people locked up for more periods of time, in order to do that, there will need to be more prisons, more jails, with it comes raises in taxes which most people object to."

Tyler Frizzell will appear before Judge Lila Statom on August 27. He's currently in the Hamilton County Jail for a failure to appear arrest earlier this month.

Prior to the drunk driving crash in 2007 that killed Robert Frizzell, Tyler had several drug and speeding charges. One month before the crash, he was clocked going 103 in a 65 mph zone.

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