If you left high school before graduating and now want to get your high school equivalency diploma the state of Tennessee is offering you that opportunity at no cost. 

Jason Beard, Adminstrator of the Adult Education Program, " “Our target is to have diplomas in the hands of 5,000 graduates by the end of the year, and we know removing the test fee is a great incentive to meet our goal.”

There are two test options offered by the state.  The HiSet is managed by the nonprofit organization Educational Testing Service, and the GED is administered by Pearson Education. The HiSet’s original cost is $75 compared with $125 for the GED. In order to reach as many potential graduates as possible, the HiSet will be the only test offered at no cost by the Adult Education program. Once a student passes either the HiSet or GED, an official state high school equivalency diploma is issued that does not make reference to which test was taken.

According to the American Community Survey, approximately 700,000 Tennesseans have less than a high school diploma.

Anyone interested in earning their Tennessee High School Equivalency Diploma should contact their local Adult Education office to get started. Free preparatory classes are available throughout the state of Tennessee and online resources are also available.

For more  general information on eligibility and testing, visit Adult Education’s website or call 800-531-1515 for assistance in finding a local program.