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Cleveland teenager in ICU after falling off the back of a pickup truck

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A Cleveland teenager is fighting for his life in the Intensive Care Unit at Erlanger. The 19-year old fell off the back of his friend's pickup truck and now his family is just hoping he will one day make it back home.

"They were just sitting around talking, you know they were just sitting around in the truck," said Mark McGuire, Tanner's father.

Tanner McGuire's father calls it a freak accident and he's not sure exactly what happened, but for the past 15 days his son has been in a medically induced coma barely holding on.

"We haven't talked to him in 15 days, we haven't seen his brown eyes pop open," said McGuire.

The law varies by state, and in Tennessee anyone over the age of 12 can ride in the back of a pickup truck.
In Georgia, any age is allowed as long as the truck is not on the interstate. 
That"s a law McGuire is now hoping to see change.

"There should be rules against that," he said, "I think that anytime you're in a vehicle you should be wearing some type of restraint."

McGuire says Cleveland has had too many tragedies already this year, many of them being car crashes.

"If this would stop one child from doing what happened to Tanner, and to keep one parent out of here, and having to go through what we go through daily..." said McGuire.

If it would make a difference, McGuire is willing to share his son's story.

Tanner will spend his 20th birthday in the ICU and will miss the start of his sophomore year at Lee University.

"15 seconds of fun can turn into a lifetime change and can drag you, it can take you to a whole different place you don't want to go," he said.

The Cleveland community is trying to help the McGuire family pay for hospital bills and medical expenses.

They've created orange bracelets with the words "Pray For Tanner" on them and are selling them for $1 each.

While in the ICU, McGuire's father created a blog to keep his friends and family up-to-date on Tanner's condition. It can be found here

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