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Dog shot during police call is recovering, up for adoption

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After surviving a bullet to the head, the American Bulldog mix, named "Duke", is now looking for a permanent home.

While Duke continues on the road to recovery, those pushing for animal control in Bradley County say this dog's story puts the need for those services in the spotlight.

"I saw a dog who definitely wanted to live, and deserved to live the best life that he could," said Tishauna Hoffman, who is trying to find a permanent home for Duke.

Hoffman has been fostering the mutt through the local rescue group, Dames for Danes.

The 4-year-old mutt has quite the story to tell.

When a Bradley County deputy responded to Duke's former home in April of last year, Duke was off his leash and got protective.

"The officer was responding how he was trained, and he shot Duke," said Hoffman.

"He did survive it, but he's had a lot of medical issues," said Dr. Bart Bain DVM.

Bain is trying to get to the bottom of Duke's respiratory issues, which popped up after the shooting.

"When I first saw him, he really couldn't breathe," he explained.

Duke was sedated for his exam on Thursday. Bain pointed out the bullet scar between Duke's eyes, which tore through the sinuses. Duke now deals with a chronic sinus infection and bullet fragments in his neck.

"I hope police officers will use shooting pets as a last resort, and not a first," Bain said.

Bradley County deputies are currently responding to all animal-related calls, which can tie up officers up to 300 times a month.

"That's not necessarily their job, which is understandable. Deputies should be available to answer police calls, not necessarily handle dogs," said Hoffman.

She hopes Duke's story will help put trained animal control officers back on the streets. But before that can happen, she wants this lovable pup to find a forever home.

"He has a fighting spirit. He wants to get better. He wants to find a family. He wants to find someplace where he can stay forever," she said.

To help with Duke's medical costs or inquire about adopting him, visit Dames for Danes website or e-mail 

You can also contact Rachel Veazey at (423) 284-3986 or Dr. Bain - Visiting Pet Vet's office (423) 715-1477 or

Donations are tax deductible. Be sure to specify it's for Duke's medical fund.

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