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Another day, another phone scam

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Dalton police are warning of a new phone scam, where the caller is claiming to be from the United States government. 

The routine is this:

  • Scammer claims to be with the Government Grants office
  • Has a grant of $9,000 to give away
  • Asks for the bank account or credit card number to deposit the money

In the most recent case, the potential victim in this case recognized this call as a scam and hung up the phone.

The number listed on caller ID was 202-381-2728, a valid Washington, DC area code nut a non-working number

Police remind us that phone scammers can fake their number on Caller ID.  

Dalton police say after they were alerted to the scam and posted a warning on their Facebook page, another Dalton resident commented about receiving a call from the same number.

Police say you should never give your bank or personal information to someone who calls you.

A legitimate caller will not ask you for that information.

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