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Tough Fight

Wilms Tumor

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Three year old Tanner loves lacing up his gloves and sparring with his dad, but he's currently in a very tough fight.  
His dad noticed something strange when he was changing his clothes back in June.

Antuan Brown, Tanner's dad says "Changing his clothes and noticed a lump on his belly, thought it was a hernia ."

But what started out as a routine trip to the doctor, turned into a trip to the ER for a CT scan, that brought some news that quickly turned Antuan's world upside down.  Tanner was diagnosed with a Wilms tumor, a rare kidney cancer that primarily affects children. 

Antuan Brown says "It kind of took my breath away, didn't know what to say, didn't know what to think, just overwhelming I guess."

This single father of three, who's also a  Lieutenant at the Whitwell Police Department was used to handling just about every situation imaginable, but nothing could have prepared him for the journey he was about to face.

Antuan Brown says "The next day they did surgery, took out his right kidney, along with tumor attached to it."

After surgery, doctors told Antuan, Tanner still had a long road ahead. He would have to start radiation and chemotherapy, because the cancer was stage 3.   

Antuan says watching Tanner go through the ups and downs of treatment has been one of the toughest assignments of his life.

Antuan Brown says "The radiation he did 13 treatments of it, he had to be put to sleep, that was tough."

And he has 24 more chemo treatments to go.

Antuan Brown says "You do a lot of laughter to keep from crying."    

But the tears have definitely fallen at times.

Antuan has had to take a leave of absence from work to care for Tanner as he goes through treatment, ...and as a single father and sole provider, that's put him in a tough situation, so now those he's served and protected over the years are coming to his aid.  They've set up a Gofundme account to help cover the families expenses.   
Antuan Brown says "I've tried to try to five all I could to the community and help them and I guess they give back."

While Tanner definitely has a long road ahead,,, and he's certainly not out of the woods, Antuan says doctors are optimistic about his future and he's confident this is one fight Tanner will definitely win.


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