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Hillbilly Willy's BBQ for Veep eats

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Vice President Joe Biden must have heard Trip Advisor recently named Tennessee as having the best barbecue in the country. While in Chattanooga last weekend, he lunched on some loin from a local joint with a name that got his staff's attention.

It was a mission shrouded in secrecy. "It was a very unique experience," said Hillbilly Willy's Owner George Foster. When he got the call from the VP's aide, she did not tell him who she was with, or for whom he would be delivering 'cue.' "She loved the name," Foster explained of Hillbilly Willy's. "That caught her attention first."

The aide did not tell anyone of her lunchtime arrangements, as a matter of fact. That was nearly a problem at the airport come Saturday. "For a little while it was a little hairy, there," he recalled. "No one knew who had hired us and why we were really there. We were suspecting, at this point we see Air Force II, that's why were there, but there's no one there that confirm that."

The aide was stuck in a road block, like many, many others on that day. She arrived after a half hour. "At that point," Foster said, "everything was great. We got to go up to the door of Air Force Two and help them carry the food up the steps and leave it."
Did they get a chance to tour the 757? "No," Foster laughed. "Secret Service will take the food from you and take it on the plane. They won't let a civilian on the plane."

They did let him pose for some pretty sweet pictures. "You know, doesn't matter who you're voting for," Foster added. "It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get that close to the Air Force Two. And I wish I could've stuck around and met Vice President Joe Biden. Like I said, we had to leave."

In catering, there is always the next event to get to. Even when Veep's ride is on the tarmac.

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