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Crime Stoppers: Armed duo strikes again

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We featured this male - female duo last week. One distracted a clerk at Rugged Wearhouse while the other pulled a gun on the manager.  It is a scheme they had used before in the area and they have struck again.

"These are brazen criminals are criminals with complete disregard for the safety of the community that they're in," said Chattanooga Police Officer Mark Frazer, "and they're taking advantage of hard work of others." The pictures we have come from surveillance cameras at the Cricket wireless store on Brainerd Road. On July 25th, the two entered, posing as customers. The male drew a handgun on an employee who complied with all of their demands. The two grabbed the cash on hand ran away.

They have hit a number of businesses over the last four weeks. "They probably have an agenda," said Off. Frazer. "We haven't figured it out, yet.  They're hitting different types of stores." He continued, "I don't think that there's a real pattern, but I think there going where they think the money is going to be."

Police say the likelihood of someone getting hurt or killed increases with each incident. Until the duo is caught, their advice to store workers is to comply and let law enforcement agencies do their jobs. "No amount of money is going to be worth getting hurt or killed over," Frazer said. "So, yes, be aware, be vigilant, but most of all, be safe."

To store owners and managers, there is a way you can help. "Get a security camera, if you can," added Frazer. "If you have a security camera, make sure it works. Test it, regularly. Some of the images your camera produces could help stop this kind of behavior."

If you know one or both of these criminals, your call could be worth reward cash to you, no questions asked. It could be the first step, as Off. Frazer says, to be a contributing member of society. "This is an anonymous phone call," he explained. "This the second week in a row we've featured these people. We want to catch these guys. Take a look at these pictures. Study them. Like I said last week, show them to your friends. Let's get some phone calls. It's an anonymous call and there's a chance you can earn some money on it."

Up to $1,000 Crime Stoppers reward cash is available. Do the right thing. Call: 698-3333

An officer may answer the phone or return your call, but he will never ask who you are, not even if you are awarded the Crime Stoppers tip line money.

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