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Local soccer stars inspired by Women's National Team

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Channel 3 caught up with some fans at the stadium, and some local soccer stars, to get their reaction to the U.S. Women's National Team here in Chattanooga.

"We gotta get tickets! I was like "mom, they're coming to Chattanooga, we can't pass this up we have to go," said Kacie Coggeshall and Alyssa Manning.

The young soccer players from Atlanta are waiting to see their favorite players in action and hoping to tell them how much the Women's National Team inspires them.

"I just really want to give Tobin Heath this letter." Coggeshall said.
A letter the high school junior wrote late last night, with the hope she will find a way to give it to her favorite player after the game.

"Definitely my soccer testimony is inside and just everything that I love about her and I told her just thank you for inspiring me so much to play this sport," Coggeshall said.

Local CFC soccer players hope the excitement coming off the World Cup win brings new soccer fans to Finley Stadium.

"We want to see goals, have fun, and I want to see the city, the crowd, the fans get into the game and just enjoy it," said CFC Men's player Luke Winter

"And I think the best thing to grow the sport is people going to the games and realizing how fun it is to watch," said CFC Women's player Claire Lanter.

The Women's National Soccer Team is inspiring to those who love the sport, and a reason for the city of Chattanooga to celebrate.

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