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For soccer fans the game is only half the experience

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Soccer fans from all over crowded into an afternoon block party ahead of the U.S. Women's game.

But the game is only part of the experience. Some fans made sure to stake out their tailgating spots early in the morning.
"We got here right when it opened. We were the first ones here," says Stephen Santos.

Stephen Santos says the day is practically a holiday.
"We got the tailgate set up, expecting a pretty good crowd, expecting about 40 to 50 people coming in, so it should be a good time," says Santos.

He also admits he will be watching more than the game.
When asked what he's looking forward to the most, "Obviously Alex Morgan, heartthrob of America! I tell you what!"
"We got here at 8 o'clock this morning right when they allowed us to get here," says Brandon Calloway.

Calloway also got an early start.
"It's making sure we got a good spot, pretty much. Getting everything set up so when our friends come down and ready to party. We're ready to go," he says.

He says it is important to take in the game with a full stomach.

"We're going to have chicken. We're doing chicken tenders, hamburgers and hot dogs maybe, and pizza," says Calloway.

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