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Soggy times at Central High School

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Flooding from rain is causing problems for students at Central High School. Concerned parents reached out to Channel 3 after high water puddled outside the school's portable trailer, leaving students to wade on the way to the class. 
Students here at Central High School had to walk through several inches of rainwater to get to class on Monday.
Parents and students say the lower end of campus is a muddy mess. 

"Someone's going to get hurt, this is a safety issue," said parent Rachel Campbell. 

Rachel Campbell was more than disappointed when she picked her daughter up from school this week. 

"She had mud all over her pants, her backpack was soaked, she was just soaked," said Campbell. "I asked her what happened and she said, 'I had to walk through a monsoon just to get to my Environmental Science class.'" 

The path to the portable classroom near the football stadium, is completely flooded. Students say they had to cross through water and thick mud that ruined their shoes and clothing. 

"The fact of the matter is I can't afford to buy new pants or new shoes every time the red mud clay ruins it," said Campbell. "Further more she fell down and slid down the hill...that's not okay."

Principal Finley King says the "run-off" problem is a result of the recent clearing of trees behind the building.

"It wasn't the best situation, it was muddy... we had a run-off yesterday and that hillside is muddy and it did run down," said Principal King. 

King tells Channel 3 his staff acted immediately. Classes were moved to another location so that crews could work on a permanent fix Tuesday morning. 

"Things happen you can't control the weather.... you know the clearing they did behind us threw us some curve balls but we can correct that problem," said Principal King. 

"We do appreciate the fact that they have come down here," said parent Heather McDaniel, "They have assessed the problem and are taking care of it, they're doing the best they can to get it done but we just want a safe environment for our kids."

Principal King says he's expecting all classes to resume back to normal within the next couple of days. He says if there are still run off  problems after all of the work on the lower campus, it will be back to the drawing board for a solution. King agrees with parents, students safety is the priority.

Parents tell Channel 3, they want the school board to re-examine the needs at Central High School and they would like to see students permanently removed from those portable classrooms. 

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