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Saved By Siri Butt-Dial

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A Murfreesboro, Tennessee man may not be alive had he not "butt-dialed" Siri on his iPhone.

Sam Ray, 18, said the accidental phone call saved his life after he was pinned under a truck while home alone.

A month ago, Ray was in the Vanderbilt Trauma Unit after being crushed underneath his truck.

"I had a funny noise underneath that I thought needed attention," he said. "So I got underneath there and located the noise."

The jack he was using fell apart and sent the nearly 5,000 pound truck crashing down on his chest and limbs.

"It felt like my leg was breaking because I could feel it bending," Ray said.

As Ray tried to free his leg, his iPhone lit up in his back pocket. It was Siri.

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