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ONLY ON 3: Officer Dennis Pedigo surprises guests at Charlie Puth Appreciation Concert

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Wounded Chattanooga police officer Dennis Pedigo made a surprise stop at the World of Beer restaurant where 103.7 KISS FM hosted an appreciation concert for our city's first responders, Sunday afternoon.  

The hero officer met other wounded service members for the first time since the July 16th shootings. For Pedigo, it was a chance to reconnect with his brothers and sisters in uniform. He also gave thanks to the first 50 people to donate $10 dollars to his recovery fund. Organizers invited the first 50 people to donate, to attend with a friend. 

The appreciation event featured recording artist Charlie Puth who has some of the biggest summer hits on the radio. Puth said he made a special trip to Chattanooga because he wanted to personally thank our first responders for standing Chattanooga Strong on our city's darkest day. 
"I'm getting a little choked up now," said Charlie Puth, recording artist. "I think of this quote, I'm going to paraphrase it but it was by Mr Rogers..... I remember watching that show and having heard him say, 'whereever there is a troubled situation or tragic situation, always remember the helpers.' That warmed my heart to know people were helping each other... here in Chattanooga."

A lot of you shared his hit song "See you again" after the July 16th shootings. The lyrics became sort of an anthem to remember the fallen five. 

"Our family is EMS, and military and it's just that song, it is really important to our family, said Sonia Parson, EMT Director of SE Ambulance.

Wounded CPD officer Dennis Pedigo surprised the crowd by showing up on crutches with his family. He's supposed to keep his injured leg elevated. 

"Chattanooga is an awesome place, that's why it's Chattanooga Strong," said Officer Dennis Pedigo, CPD's Hero Officer. " It's the best place to live."

Pedigo's leg can't bear any weight yet but that didn't stop his hugs and his thanks.  

"I have all of my family and friends, the community supports us in everything we do so it's just awesome," said Officer Pedigo. 

"He had our back and for him to be out here today," said Parson. " I'm mean wow, he's a very strong man."

 "That's a man right there...that's a true hero," said Charlie Puth. "That's the definition of a hero and it motivates me as a songwriter to write more music for people like him."

Officer Dennis Pedigo tells us he's feeling great. He wishes to give everyone at home a heart felt "thank you" for supporting him and his family during this difficult time. He says he's proud to a Chattanoogan---- and proud to stand with this community Chattanooga sStrong. 

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