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Cleveland looks to install security cameras on Greenway

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The City of Cleveland is looking into installing security cameras on the Greenway. It's another measure to help clean up the Greenway after a history of juveniles causing problems.

"It just wasn't something you wanted children to see, especially the graphic pictures," said Wendy Ivey, pointing out where inappropriate words and pictures once covered a bridge along one of the Greenway trails.

Every day, Ivey comes to the Greenway to walk on her lunch break.

"They were really quick to come through and over-paint it, but you never knew who saw what, when," said Ivey.

That's why the city wants to purchase security cameras for the Greenway. Right now the City Manager's office is looking into possible vendors to install them.

"Any time there are cameras around, it's going to be beneficial to the police department," said Evie West, spokesperson for the Cleveland Police Dept.

Police say they've charged several minors with vandalism in the past, after memorial benches and signs were destroyed and inappropriate graffiti appeared along the trails.

"There are mothers with their kids here, and they shouldn't have to come here and see cuss words or see sexual pictures," West explained.

Last month, the city imposed a curfew on the Greenway, prohibiting unsupervised minors from visiting late at night. Since then, police say no vandalism reports have been filed.

"Not saying that's going to cure everything,
or that it's never gonna happen again, because of course it definitely will," said West.

Officers constantly patrol the Greenway, day and night, on ATVs, bikes and on foot.

"They've got cops that patrol this on a golf cart," said Dawson Beckler, who comes to the Greenway to fish and relax. He's not sure cameras will completely stop teens from acting out.

"People are going to do what they're gonna do, regardless," said Beckler.

But others support the idea of cameras because it helps them feel safer.

"If you're not doing anything wrong, why are you worried about being watched?" asked Ivey.

City officials will discuss buying cameras at the next city council meeting on the 24th.

Meanwhile, Cleveland Police encourage anyone who sees suspicious activity on the Greenway to snap a picture with their phone, and either report it to the police department or send it in a message to CPD's Facebook page.

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