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Local military mom determined to make it to son's basic training graduation

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A local mom is determined to see her son graduate from basic training. The Cleveland teen joined the Army National Guard this year and his mom is trying to raise the money to make the trip in October.

Davina Prill is so proud of her 18-year-old son, Charles. She says she does not like asking for help but she is disabled and can not afford to make the trip to Missouri.

Channel 3 talked with her son's recruiter who is jumping in to help.

"Before he left I cried a lot. like, a lot," says Davina Prill.

Prill was filled with pride when her son, Charles, boarded the plane for basic training in Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri.

 "It was really cool seeing him walk up to the security gate all by himself realizing he was a man."

Charles went to Bradley Central High School and was in JROTC.

He enlisted with the National Guard in February.

Davina says it was such a thrill to get her first letter from him.

"Dear Mom, Ben, Jeff, and Richie, I love you. Reception was pretty rough at first but it's pretty chill now."

While her son is training hard, she is already focused on making it to his graduation in October, starting a funding website page.
"You know I don't have much of an income right now and you know, I really want to be there for him and it's important to me and it's important for him to be there. And really I'd like for his brothers to go too," says Prill.
"As a recruiter in the National Guard you become almost like a family member to these guys, a mentor. You get to know them on a personal level," says SSgt. Jeremy Bankston.

SSgt. Bankston is Charles' recruiter.
"He's a kind-hearted guy. He wants to serve his country and his state. Smart kid. Motivated kid," says SSgt. Bankston.

He says he has never had to deal with a situation like this before.
"After being gone for so long, running around doing push ups, sweating his butt off, I know he's doing it right now, he's going to love seeing her."

He is making it his mission to help Davina and encourages others to as well.
"I'm personally going to do everything that I can to reach out to as many people as I know," says SSgt. Bankston.

 "I appreciate that. I mean, it means a lot to me. It really does," says Prill.

Bankston says most military assistance programs directly help the service member or their dependents, like a spouse.

In this case, he is reaching out to several veterans service organizations like the VFW.

If you would like to help, click here.

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