A local company is determined to catch the man who stole from one of its customers. Chattanooga-based SensaCalm manufactures weighted therapy blankets.
It says someone took one worth hundreds of dollars and the thief was caught on camera.

Home security video captured a man walking up to a home on Magnolia Street and walking away, carrying a large cardboard box.
"It was shocking to see somebody go pick up a package that's meant as a therapeutic tool for someone and just walk away with it not knowing what it is or anything," says Elaine Essary.

Essary works for Chattanooga-based SensaCalm. The company manufactures weighted therapy blankets.
"It helps people calm down and sleep," says Essary.

The blankets are used for a variety of reasons and people, from helping children with autism to Alzheimer's patients.
"We even have PTSD customers and anxiety, sleep disorders."

A $300 queen-sized blanket was inside the stolen box.
"She was really upset," says Essary.

Besides the customer being upset, Elaine says it became her mission to track down the blanket.
"It really made me sad when I talked to this customer because I could feel it from her that she was really sad."

The company filed a claim with UPS. UPS investigated but dropped the claim. The video proved the package was successfully delivered.
"If it was a mistake on UPS's end then that would be different," says Essary.

She realizes the blanket is probably long gone.    
"Who knows, he could have just thrown it away because it's not something that everyone needs."

But Essary is determined to hold the man accountable for his actions.
"We're hoping that somebody recognizes the thief and just that there is some justice for our customer," says Essary.

SensaCalm says it values its customers and is replacing the blanket free of charge.

The company says it is wise if you have a stolen package to file a police report, which this customer is doing.

If you recognize the man in the video call Chattanooga Police.