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UPDATE: Semi crash blocks interstate near I-75 South

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UPDATE: Traffic was still able to pass, but it was  slowed to a crawl when a tractor trailer jack-knifed and overturned on i-75, late Tuesday afternoon.

The wreck happened just before the 350 exit ramp near Ringgold.

Crews tell Channel 3 it was the best case scenario, given the situation. Nearly six hours of clean up compared to what it could have been. 

The semi was carrying 80,000 pounds worth of bug spray.

Georgia State Patrol tells Channel 3 a car cut the semi off during a rain storm just before 3:30 Tuesday afternoon causing the semi to drive off into the grass, before it overturned. 

And because all of that weight was on one side, there was the potential of the load to push through the wall of that trailer causing more damage to the truck. 

To help prevent that, crews brought in big orange air bags. They filled them with air and that helped push the trailer back up and support the weight. 

"These trailers aren't designed to be on their side or on their top, the 80,000 pound load was trying push through the side of the trailer and that's why we have airbags to put under the trailer to help support the load as it comes up, so we can raise these things when they are fully loaded," said Eric Yates, Manager.

"The truck is in rough shape, but it was decent enough that we could get it driven in here and that's why we have to equipment we do to get these things up together, loaded it doesn't matter," said Yates.

Crews say had all of that bug spray pushed through the side of that trailer. Clean up would have taken a lot longer as crews had to pick it all up by hand. 

Channel 3 did speak to the driver of that semi on the scene. He was shaken up and didn't want to go on camrea, but he did say he is thankful he is okay and that no one else got hurt. 

PREVIOUS STORY:  An 18-wheeler crashed Tuesday afternoon. Traffic is moving, despite the right lane being blocked right on I-75 at Exit 350. Georgia State Patrol tells Channel 3, the exit is open.

The semi drove a few feet through the grass before overturning. GSP says wet grass is also a factor. 

GSP said a car ran the truck off the road in the rain storm causing it to over turn.

The truck was carrying bug spray. The driver is okay.

Traffic is at a complete stop at I-75 at the 350 exit ramp.

Avoid this area of you can. 

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