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Two crosses removed from memorial

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The crash happened back in 1994 off Moccasin Bend Road. Richard Holland III and his friend died in the crash. A cross was put up at the site but now it's gone.

“We came down here and we looked everywhere, and it was gone. We don't know who took it or why,” said Shannon Sharp, Sister.

A cross carved out of redwood once hung on a tree as a reminder of what happened back in July of 1994, it's the site where Shannon Sharp's brother Richard Holland III and his friend lost their lives in a car accident. They hit a tree while driving on a rainy evening.

“You always hear different stories; it's just one of those things you'll never know. But we feel like, there may have been a deer in front of him or something,” said Sharp.

In July of 2015 Holland's family put up another cross made out of mahogany wood. When they returned days later both crosses were gone. 

“We just want to get it back or know who did it. If somebody would just put it back we won't say anything,” said Sharp.

Holland’s sister Shannon Sharp says not knowing where the crosses are have been tough for the entire family.

“It made my mother feel good knowing there was something to commemorate him, and for somebody to just take it, it just breaks your heart,” said Sharp.

The family hopes someone will recognize the crosses and come forward. But if not, they say they will put new ones up.

“If that one doesn't turn up we are going to put something else back up here,” said Sharp.

If you know where the crosses are you are asked to call 423-802- 2289.

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