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UPDATE: New sculpture honoring fallen servicemen coming to Chattanooga

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UPDATE: The work on a six-story tall sculpture to honor the Chattanooga shooting victims should be complete by Tuesday. But we'll have to wait until the first of September for it to harden.

"We're just twisting the wire ties that holds the bar together," Peter Lundberg.

It takes 3,000 twisties to tighten the metal rods.

"We can get ready to lower that in, you guys are doing well," said Lundberg.

Artist Peter Lundberg watched the news coverage from his home in Vermont and wanted to use his talent to help.

On Saturday, he and his team carved a formation in the ground. They took rocks out, to make room for steel and concrete.  

"It's been going very well, we've been working hard," said Lundberg.

The team is on day four and the heat hasn't slowed them down. 35 yards of soil pushed aside to make room for the sculpture that will stand 60 feet high.

The art honors the five servicemen killed in the July 16th shooting.

"Of course I need this to be as strong as it can be, and stand strong you know," said Lundberg

Once he finishes the hard part, comes the big surprise.

"It's a little bit like a birth in a way, because I don't even know what the outlook will be," said Lundberg.

As far as a name, Lundberg says he's still thinking about that.

"Initially I kind of thought of naming it 'Five Anchors Strong', but I haven't decided yet," said Lundberg.

On Tuesday, the concrete will be poured into this space. It will harden for two weeks.

The sculpture will be raised on September 1 and the public will be invited to the ceremony. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Work is underway on a new sculpture that will honor our five servicemen who lost their lives in the July 16th shooting.

“It’s going to stand tal,l to reach for the sky,” said Peter Lundberg, Sculptor.

In order to construct the sculpture Peter Lundberg uses an excavator and a shovel. 

“I have an unusual process where I dig out a shape into the ground and then I cast concrete into that shape. It’s a little bit like building a foundation, but it's hauled out of the earth and stood up,” said Lundberg.

The sculpture is going to be over 50 feet high.

“The sculpture is made of cast concrete, steel, and earth,” said Lundberg.

Once complete Lundberg's sculpture will be the 18th sculpture installed at the 33 acre park.

“So you will see a smooth concrete and rough concrete and these contrast and be able to stand inside the sculpture and be able to look up through it and look up towards the sky,” said Lundberg.

Service members have praised Lundberg's work saying it will serve as a unique focal point for the sculpture park. Lundberg says it's a privilege to put his talents to use in Chattanooga.

“I’m very happy to be here, and I think it's important that we celebrate their lives. Not by showing our sadness but by showing our strength and to continue because that's the most important thing,” said Lundberg.

The sculpture will be raised on September 1st. The public is invited to view the process.  

The park is located on Polk Street on Chattanooga’s south side.

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