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NY Cosmos arrive in Chattanooga, not worried about home field advantage

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CHATTANOOGA, TN  (WRCB) --  The particulars for Saturday's NPSL championship match at Finley Stadium are in town.

Friday night, the NY Cosmos B squad arrived at the downtown Marriott.

We caught up with Cosmos Head Coach Alecko Eskandarian who is discounting the home field advantage lost by the Cosmos.

As the NPSL's top seeded team, they had the right to host the match.

But citing Finley Stadium's facilities and Chattanooga's record breaking attendance figures, Eskandarian says he understands.

" For sure, definitely," said Eskandarian shortly after his team's arrival in Chattanooga.
"We are making things more difficult for ourselves, there's no question about it that. Chattanooga will have the advantage tomorrow night , the momentum, the fans, the home field that they're used to so, it makes things a little more difficult for us, but in my mind, with our team and the young guys that we have on our roster, this is a great experience for their development and them to experience really playing in this type of atmosphere."

Late Friday night, advance ticket sales crested the 9,000 mark.

Day of ticket sales are expected to bump that figure to 10,000 or more.

The match is set to start @ 7:30pm from Finley Stadium.

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