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UPDATE: Mysterious white dots appear on cars

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Varnell, GA (WRCB) -

UPDATE: The Varnell Police have discovered who is responsible for the white dots being found on residents' vehicles.  

On their Facebook page they posted the following comment.:

We received a call from a parent who wished to remain anonymous, who stated that his daughter along with 4 or 5 others have admitted to using cheerleader paint to leave the marks as a prank. He assured us that all the parents have addressed the issue with the girls involved. All the girls are minors. 

He stated that all the parents regret this incident and apologize for the upset it caused this community. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Word spread fast on social media when over 100 people in Varnell woke up to a white dot on the back of their car. Varnell police says calls have poured in from across the city from people who want to know what the white dot means.

Police don't know why but they believe they know what.

“We believe it's made with a shoe polish applicator,” said Lyle Grant, Chief, Varnell Police Department.

Varnell Police Chief Lyle Grant reached out to other law enforcement agencies in the area but he found out it's only happening in Varnell.

“No one else has had the problem or knows what the meaning is,” said Grant.

Chief Grant says whoever is behind this could face charges.

“We could charge them with criminal trespass,” said Grant.

Varnell Police say the cars that are targeted are one's that aren't parked in garages. They say it's possible school age children are doing this as a prank.
If you have any information that can help police call 706-694-3141.

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