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ONLY ON 3: Murder victim's son reopens Cleveland diner

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A popular Cleveland diner is back open for business less than two weeks after the restaurant's owner was killed.

Marla Sharp, a mother of 3, was shot to death last month by her boyfriend, 46-year-old Donald Abbott.

Abbott is charged with her murder.
But the family says they're not focusing on him. The Little Diner on 1st has now reopened with a different owner. Sharp's youngest son is taking over the business to keep his mother's dream alive.

"The diner's always been full of good memories and that's all it ever brings to me and it's a place of comfort now," said her son Jordan Sharp.

In the days since his mother's death, Jordan Sharp, 23, had to help plan a funeral and learn how to take over a business. All while hearing about the man accused of his mother's murder in the news.

"You know we have our breakdown moments, and we lose it," said good friend Charity Wilson, "Just because of the pain and the grief, but I think it would be a lot harder if we didn't have the diner."

Friends and family hope re-opening the diner helps everyone move past Marla's tragedy.
The Little Diner on 1st is known for its good food and regular customers.

"People came in to see her, the food is amazing, but they came in to see Marla," Wilson said.

Jordan hopes those same regulars will help him continue his mother's dream, while he learns how to put his own special touch on the food his mother taught him to make.

"I'm never going to take away from what she's done here, I'm only gonna add to it," Jordan said.

Diner employees, who are more like family, can only imagine what Marla would have to say seeing her son behind the counter.

"I can't even describe the amount of pride she would have for him. And to just keep going forward, you know that's what she lived for... her family and this diner," Wilson said.

Donald Abbott is in the Bradley County Jail being held on no bond. 

Abbott faces a number of charges including first degree murder. 

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