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Local kids spend summer raising money for temporary homes in Nepal

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Families in Nepal have worked to rebuild, after earthquakes in April tore through their homes, leaving many without.

But a few local kids couldn't bear the thought of anyone without a home, so they took it upon themselves to raise the money to build one.

"We asked our families if we would borrow some of the money," said 6-year-old Haley Bowling. Their jar quickly filled up with spare change. "I used some of my money and I also found some money," said 8-year-old Caleb Bowling.

Those nickels turned into dollars. "And that's when we put all the dollars in there and that made it up to 150 dollars," said Caleb.

That's no pocket change for an 8, 6 and 4 year old and it wasn't for keeps, these three, and their friends, raised it all to give it away to Nickels for Nepal to help families recovering after devastation. "Because their houses were torn down because of the earthquake," said Caleb.

Leaving thousands of families with no place to go. "I thought it was fantastic. I was real proud of them. They took it on themselves to take charge and raise the money," said Chris Hockert, Nickels for Nepal.

$150 may not sound like a large amount, but it will cover the cost to build a home there for one family without one. "It will have like two rooms in it and it will hold six people," said Hockert.

Nearly a dozen kids, giving everything they had to help others. "I think more kids are apt to do it than adults because they just feel more compassion cause they can relate to the other children and what they're going through," said Hockert.

And you can tell by their smiles, they know they did the right thing. "It felt great to give the money to them," said Caleb.

If you'd like to learn more about Nickels for Nepal click here

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