A Rhea county woman is behind bars after a horrific case of child abuse.

Deputies say Amy Oliver, 32, forced a boy under the age of 10, to swallow dish soap before taping his mouth shut with duct tape, Friday.  

An anonymous tipster called 911 dispatch for help, deputies say that phone call likely saved the child's life. 

Oliver is behind bars, charged with felony aggravated child abuse and neglect, aggravated reckless endangerment and aggravated assault.

"She had taped his jaw, ears and went over the top of his head and he had to swallow the dish soap," said Investigator Rocky Potter, Rhea County Sheriff's Dept. 

Officials say the child had bruising on his cheeks, severe blisters and peeling skin on both hands. 

"He said he was disciplined the day before and that his hands were put into some buckets that had some bleach substance poured in while his hands were inside of the buckets," said Potter. 

Inv. Potter tells Channel 3,  if someone didn't call the Sheriff’s Department for help, the boy could have died from asphyxiation or choking on his own vomit. 

"It was pretty extreme, real extreme. We of course had that death in Rhea County a couple of years ago... it brought back some memories of a bad case," said Potter. 

5-year-old Landon Robbins was found dead inside of his Spring city home 2-years ago. Investigators say he too was forced to drink dishwashing liquid as punishment for not going to bed on time. The five-year-old was also forced to eat cigarette butts. His mother Jessica Robbins was originally indicted on first-degree murder charges, she pleaded guilty to the lesser charge: facilitation of murder and aggravated child abuse and neglect back in March. Robbins is currently serving a 60 year sentence in state prison, her boyfriend Bradley Adcox is still in the court system.

Inv. Potter says most cases, are the result of punishment gone wrong.

"There's a lot of family counseling out there, if people would just research it...swallow their pride and admit they need a third party to help with their child," said Inv. Potter. 

Investigators say chemicals in liquid soap make it dangerous for any child to ingest. Deputies say the boy is doing well, he and two other children were removed from the house. Oliver is also facing drug charges. Deputies say they found drugs and drug paraphernalia inside of her home, during the arrest. Oliver is being held on a $400,000 dollar bond. Authorities urge parents who feel overwhelmed to contact them for help.