In this week's Crime Stoppers case, a lost wallet. It happens all of the time, but on this occasion, our victim made a mistake that allowed the criminal easy access to her bank account.

"The victim had lost her wallet in the parking lot of Target on Gunbarrel Road," Chattanooga Police Investigator Charles Petty explained as we looked at pictures of the suspect. "It appears he had no problem with the pin number where the victim left it in her purse, or in her wallet, along with the debit card, which is a big no, no. You never have both of those together, but she did leave those together."

The good news is this guy was only able to get $500 at this stop and was not allowed to clean out her account. The even better news is, from the camera on the ATM, we were able to get crystal clear photos of him. "It's going to be a black male," said Petty. "Very good shots of him, probably some of the best pictures that I've seen from an ATM."

He was driving a white newer model Chevy Camaro which could have been a rental.

If you know this guy, you have already recognized him. Your tip to Crime Stoppers could earn you up to $1,000 cash, no questions asked.

The victim learned some expensive lessons from this incident. We can learn some, too. Do not keep your PIN anywhere near your card. "If you lose your wallet," added Petty, "immediately got on the phone with the credit card companies and cancel those. Get rid of all those possible, get online, whatever it takes. Cancel those, immediately. Probably before you even call the police, you're canceling credit cards."

There is big money on the line for your good information in this case.

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