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Treasure hunter's delight: World's longest yard sale open August 6-9

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It is a treasure hunter's dream. The world's longest yard sale is about to kick off.

Some folks have already started selling. The yard sale stretches almost 700 miles along the 127 corridor.
"It's just fun coming out and seeing all the people and what they buy," says Kelli Strubberg.

Strubberg already found her good deal.
"A queen size bed for $40 with the rails and everything. can't beat that!"
"It's the thrill of the hunt," says Roxie Thornton. "You don't need anything, you don't want anything but you never know what you're going to find!"

For others like Thornton, it is all about contributing to the circle of yard sale life.
"You'll find something, you'll go, 'Oh my gosh! That's so cute!' And you'll just buy it because you just love it. And then you'll put it in a yard sale next year!"
"We rented the tent for two weeks and we're already selling," says Jack Davidson.

Davidson has participated in the longest yard sale for the past 20 years.
"I tell you what, it's a sharing of all kinds of things from people all over Signal Mountain, especially our church," says Jack Davidson.

He goes to St. Augustine's Catholic Church.

For him, the yard sale is more than just good finds,it is a way to help others.

All of the proceeds from his church's tent go to the American Haitian Foundation.
"We have 1500 kids that we feed and educate every day. And we employ 108 Haitian people in doing that," says Davidson.

He hopes to sell every last item in his tent.
"There's some wonderful deals here. Especially if you come nice and early. Like right now. If you get here, it'll be great! Come on we're waiting for you!">
The Longest Yard Sale runs all the way from Gadsden, Alabama up to Addison, Michigan, six states in all. It runs August 6-9.

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