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Warm and sunny today.

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Good Sunday.  We continue our amazing weekend.  After morning temps in the 60s, we will see the humidity staying in check (dew points will be dropping a bit this afternoon) as we soar to a high of 93 degrees.  Tonight will be amazing!  As the sun sets and temps begin falling, a walk after dinner would feel very nice this evening.  Overnight we will fall back into the mid 60s as we start our week Monday morning.

Monday afternoon I still expect lots of sunshine.  The high will climb to 95 degrees, and though it still will not be oppressive, the humidity will begin creeping up a bit Monday.  As a matter of fact, I expect Temps in the mid 90s Monday through Wednesday with higher humidity allowing the heat index to reach about 100 degrees each afternoon.

Thursday through Friday we will cool a bit, falling to about 89 or 90 each afternoon.  We will also see our rain chances improving with scattered showers and thunderstorms possible each day.

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8am... Sunny, 68

Noon... Sunny, 86

5pm... Sunny, 93

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