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Local Non-profit raises money to help troubled teens

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10,000 students last year heard the startling stories of life behind bars. "A lot of them are fathers that can't communicate with their children, but they will with the students and they'll say look, you don't want to make the same decisions I made," said David Johnson, Executive Director, Prison Prevention.

Johnson says with gangs being so prominent in the Chattanooga community, “They feel a need to belong.” They're going into the schools to educate them on what could happen if they make the wrong choices. "Your privacy and your personal space, no longer exist. So when the students see this- they say maybe this is bad," said Johnson.

Vince Angeles just graduated from high school. "Every night I still live with the nightmares I have," said Angeles.

He says when prison prevention made a stop at his high school, it hit close to home. "My dad, my mom; it was a very abusing situation," said Angeles. "My dad always needed the alcohol and drugs and the only way we were paying rent was through drugs."

While he kept himself out of trouble, the group helped him get through a hurtful time, by just loving him.

"I guess it just clicked with me because I never had anybody that cared," said Angeles. "But when you have somebody pouring their heart into you and wants you to listen, it's a big difference."

He knows from experience the program works and is now donating his time to help others like him. "That's my biggest accomplishment that I want to make a teen have a better life," said Angeles.

The group was hoping to make at least one dollar from the fundraiser, which they did; but were hoping more for exposure into the community. If you'd like information on Prison Prevention, click her.

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