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Car stolen at Lake Winnie over weekend

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Meredith Arp brought her daughter to Lake Winnie for a day of fun. After hearing what happened here Sunday, she made sure to lock her car doors.
“It’s senseless, we are just going to spend the day, have a mommy daughter day,” said Meredith Arp.

Lake Winnie is urging all of their guests to do the same after a gold Nissan Altima was stolen from the parking lot Sunday afternoon, while the driver was inside the park. 

“The individual who owned the vehicle came to our security, and our security immediately called Catoosa County so they could file a police report,” said Talley Green, Public Relations Director, Lake Winnepesaukah.

Lake Winnie says Sunday’s incident is isolated.

“Well it is a highly unusual event to have anything stolen from the Lake Winnie property,” said Green.

The park doesn't have cameras in the parking lot, only inside the park. They do have more than a dozen security guards on patrol on the property. 
“Our security is well staffed and does control the parking area,” said Green.

The park is always looking at its security plan and is considering the addition of security cameras outside the park.

“We’re always mindful of any situation and we bring that to management and see how we can better staff our park and secure our park,” said Green.

In the meantime, Lake Winnie says they hope these signs, reminding guests to lock their doors, will prevent any future incidents. 

“We do encourage patrons that park their cars at any business to make sure they lock their vehicle, do not have valuables in plain site,” said Green.

Catoosa County Sheriff's Office says the stolen Nissan Altima has stickers all over it, and is hard to miss.  They believe the car is in the Chattanooga-East Ridge area. 

If you have information that could help investigators call 706-935-2424.

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