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EMS station moves in to nearby fire station after concerns of mold inside building

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A Chattanooga fire station has opened its doors to a Hamilton County Medic Station after concerns of mold inside the EMS station's building.

Hamilton County Medic Station 3 has temporarily moved two miles down the road, from its location on Highway 58 to Chattanooga Fire Station 7 on Discovery Drive.

"Everybody's got it in their house, it's just the levels that we worry about," said Matt Holland of Servpro Cleanup and Restoration.

The company removes and cleans up mold from properties. Holland says mold is often found in older buildings with old pipes and ventilation systems.

"When you start to worry is when you've got a ton of it that you can just visually see, if it's growing on drywall and then it starts to get on clothes," Holland explained.

Mold has caused concerns at Hamilton County Medic Station 3. They are currently being housed at Chattanooga Station 7, near the Amazon and Volkswagen plants.

"This puts them more in the center of where we feel the response district is," said Chattanooga Fire Chief Chris Adams, adding that the fire station had extra room to house Medic 3.

While officials with Hamilton County and EMS weren't available for comment, Adams explains the temporary move helps EMS with testing out response times for pre-existing plans to relocate.

"They've been actively looking at building a new station for probably 3 or 4 years, that's when they started looking for property. So they're trying to figure out exactly where it needs to be and it may turn out it needs to be right where we are," said Adams.

While Servpro is not handling this case, Holland said that severely mold-damaged properties can be condemned. The cost and clean-up depend on how bad it is inside.

"Porous items probably need to be on the replace side if they're really bad. Items that are hard wood, hard surfaces, countertops, those can probably just be wiped down and cleaned," he said.

The Fire Department said it will house Medic 3 for as long as HCEMS asks them to.

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