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ERHS student takes dress code fight online

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A sophomore at East Ridge High School is taking her fight against the administration's new student dress code to another level.

"The freshmen all have to wear navy blue, which is segregation, that's what I think of it," says Kimmie Oden, who objects to East Ridge High School's new dress code so much that she's taken her argument online. Her petition against the new dress policy has already broken its goal of 1,000 supporters in less than 48 hours, far beyond her initial expectations. 

"I wouldn't do it, but some upper classmen are extremely rude to freshmen," says Oden, who believes the dress code will only ostracize incoming freshmen more. But her argument doesn't end there.    

"Now they're making us wear orange, gray or white polos and only spirit shirts on Fridays." 

Couple that with the fact that the new dress code was released with just two weeks before the start of school orientation, doesn't sit well with her either.

"Some people don't have the money to go buy all these new clothes when they usually have hand-me-downs from upper classmen or what they already have over the years," said Oden Friday.

We reached out to East Ridge High School administration for comment on this new online petition against the dress code, we're still awaiting their response.
But we did get an e-mail from school Principal Tammy Helton, who states the "The safety of our students is always first and foremost when we make decisions."  

Kimmie's mom Sandra, who suggested she take her dress code fight online, wholeheartedly agrees with her daughter's points of contention.

"It's all of the above," says Sandra. "And I think we've put such an emphasis on what the kids are wearing that we're losing focus on their education. I think that's a huge problem, I think the education is far more important than what they have on their bodies."

Kimmie Oden says if her petition doesn't get the school to amend its new dress policy, she's planning a peaceful sit-in protest, the day prior to the start of school.

Classes are set to begin at East Ridge High August 13th.

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