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Chattanooga fire recruits set fire to East Brainerd home for training

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Chattanooga's 21 newest fire recruits set fire to a donated home Friday morning in East Brainerd.

The department had been training with the recruits all week at the location and Friday they watched as it burned to the ground.

"We've done all the training we can get out of it. We've done all our interior burns. Today's kinda the final hurrah, we get to burn the house to the ground," said Training Chief Phil Hyman.

 "We can talk about it in the book all day long but once you get out there and get the techniques down, its totally different," said recruit David Madison.

The two-story oak wood home was built 119 years ago but the family said it was beyond repair and restoration so they donated it to the fire department.

"It's kinda sad but at the same time its a good feeling knowing that these guys have got the training they need hopefully to help someone else in the future. It's okay. It's okay," said Bruce Tipton who donated the home.

Firefighters set it ablaze and temperatures reached 1,800 degrees within minutes as the roof collapsed and burned to the ground.

The recruits will spend the next few weeks learning HAZMAT and extrication from vehicles. The class graduates September 3.

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